How we work

We love talking business strategy and are always available to chat.  No PA’s and Secretaries shielding calls, we’re easy to get hold of and always available.  We really want to get to know you and your business as this then enables us to assess your needs better.

Having had a chance to do our homework, we’ll tell you what we think you need.  No sales patter, no fancy presentations, just a clear and concise breakdown of the steps we think need to be taken and the expected results accompanied by an itemised fixed quote.  No incremental fee scales or hourly rates, just a single fixed-price for each of our services so you’re free to pick and choose what you would like us to do.

The pricing of our services varies based on what you’re after and is bespoke for each client.  Some of our services, such as cost auditing and Utility Compensation, actually don’t cost a thing as we’re able to recover our costs from partners or utility companies. There are also no charges for the time spent discussing your needs or identifying problems and your free to walk away if our proposals are not what you want.

The one thing that does remain consistent across all our services; however, is the guarantee that if we don’t perform; you don’t pay.  We’ll even put that in writing!

Whatever the service you choose to use, our support is continuous.  Growth, business process reengineering and efficiency improvement are long-term, ongoing processes.  We understand this and look to support you throughout the process, for as long as necessary.  We just love watching our Client’s grow!